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MicroCode Studio

MicroCode Studio Screenshot
Free Windows IDE for
PICBASICâ„¢ Compilers.


melabs Contact Information:

ME Labs, Inc.
PO Box 8250
Asheville NC 28814

(719) 520-5323


Contacting Technical Support:

If you need technical support, and can't find the answer in our technical support forum, you can contact us directly by email.

Email support:

This is the method we prefer, especially for programming issues.  When emailing support, include all the information that you can.  Always include the version number of any software you are using.

If you want us to look at your source code, attach it to the email as a text file.  Please don't put it in the body of your message.  Email clients tend to wrap text using hard carriage returns, making it very difficult to read and compile your code.  Make sure to attach all source files that you have included in your code.

Here are some links to the most requested information:

Purchasing Information

Product Information

Technical Support Forum

Developers Resource Section