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Developer Resources

The PIC® (Microcontroller) Workshop - Training available for PICMicros and PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler. RCG Research.

Windows Interface Software for PICBASIC™ and PICBASIC PRO™

Binary-Hex-Decimal Conversion Form

JavaScript form for converting numbers.

Articles and Tutorials

Number conversions, pin access, programming techniques, 7-segment LEDs, and more.

Floating-Point Calculations

Use Microchip's Floating-Point routines with PICBASIC PRO Compiler!

Parts List

Buying parts for our products?  We've compiled a list of the components we use and where to buy them.

Links to Related Sites

PICBASIC, PICmicro MCU, Manufacturers, Robotics, X-10, and more.

Compiler Manuals:

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