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Component and Vendor Information

The following list is provided to assist you when purchasing parts for our products. It includes components that are found on our products, and specified within product documentation. Some of these components are found on more than one product.

Vendor part numbers are shown where possible, and a vendor list with phone numbers is included at the bottom of the page.


JDR Jameco Other
Bridge Rect, 1A, 100PIV  


Cap, 0.01uF, 25V, ceramic monolithic .01uf-MONO    
Cap, 0.1uF, 25V, ceramic monolithic .1uf-MONO    
Cap, 100uF, 50V, radial electrolytic 100R50    
Cap, 10uF, 63V, radial electrolytic 10R63    
Cap, 1uF, 50V, radial electrolytic 1R100 (1R50)    
Cap, 22pF, ceramic disk 22PF    
Ceramic Resonator, 20MHz with caps     Digi-Key: X909-ND
Ceramic Resonator, 4MHz with caps     Digi-Key: X902-ND
Connector, 10-pin dual-row header     Digi-Key:  S2011E-05-ND
Connector, 10-pin IDC female     Digi-Key: HSC10H-ND
Connector, 14-pin dual-row header      Digi-Key:  S2011E-07-ND
Connector, 20-pin dual-row header      Digi-Key:  S2011E-10-ND
Connector, 2-pin header HDR-40    
Connector, 3-pin header HDR-40    
Connector, 40-pin dual-row header socket  


Connector, DB25, 25-pin, right-angle, male DB25PRS    
Connector, DB25, 25-pin, right-angle, female DB25SRS    
Connector, DB9 9-pin, right-angle, female DB09SRS    
Connector, DC power, 2.1mm PC21S


Connector, modular, 6-position, 6-contact     Digi-Key: A9049-ND
Connector, PC right angle, 9V batt, negative     Digi-Key: 593K-ND
Connector, PC right angle, 9V batt, positive     Digi-Key: 594K-ND
Connector, USB B-Female, PC right angle 230957    Digi-Key: WM17108-ND
Crystal, 20.000MHz 20.0MHZ   Digi-Key:  X036-ND 
Crystal, 32.768KHz 32.768KHZ    
Crystal, 4.000MHz 4.0MHZ


Diode, 1N4148 1N4148


IC, 24C01, I2C EEPROM, 1K (128 x 8), 8-pin DIP 24C01    
IC, 24C02, I2C EEPROM, 2K (256 x 8), 8-pin DIP 24C02


IC, 24C04, I2C EEPROM, 4K (2 x 256 x 8), 8-pin DIP 24C04


IC, 24LC08, I2C EEPROM, 8K (4 x 256 x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 24LC08B/P-ND 
IC, 24LC16, I2C EEPROM, 16K (8 x 256 x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 24LC16B/P-ND 
IC, 25LC040, SPI EEPROM, 4K (512 x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 25LC040/P-ND
IC, 25LC080, SPI EEPROM, 8K (1K x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 25LC080/P-ND
IC, 25LC160, SPI EEPROM, 16K (2K x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 25LC160/P-ND
IC, 93LC56A, Microwire EEPROM, 2K (256 x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 93LC56A/P-ND
IC, 93LC66A, Microwire EEPROM, 4K (512 x 8), 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: 93LC66A/P-ND
IC, 7407, Hex buffer 7407    
IC, NJU6355, real-time clock, 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: NJU6355ED-ND
IC, DS1302, real-time clock DS1302


IC, DS1620, temperature sensor DS1620


IC, DS1820, temperature sensor DS1820    
IC, ICS502M PLL clock multiplier     Digi-Key:  800-1037-5-ND
IC, LTC1298, analog to digital converter     Digi-Key: LTC1298CN8-ND
IC, MAX232CPE, RS232 driver MAX232CPE    
IC, MAX485, RS485 driver MAX485    
IC, SN75176A, RS485 driver


  Digi-Key: 296-1737-5-ND
Infrared Remote Control Receiver Module  


 Sharp:  GP1U581Y
LCD, 20-character x 2-line     Crystalfontz: CFAH2002A-NYG-JP
LED, 10-segment bargraph LED201    
LED, Infrared, T-1 3/4 LED172    
LED, red, T-1 3/4 LED105    
Oscillator, 4.000MHz, 8-pin DIP     Digi-Key: SE1203-ND
Pot, 5K, PCB mount thumbwheel   94705  
Pot, 5K, PCB mount trimmer     Digi-Key: D4AA53
Regulator, 7805T 5 volt positive 7805T    
Regulator, LM317T variable positive LM317T    
Resistor, 100, 1/4W R100    
Resistor, 10K, 1/4W R10k    
Resistor, 1K, 1/4W R1K    
Resistor, 240, 1/4W R240    
Resistor, 270, 1/4W R270    
Resistor, 4.7K, 1/4W R4.7k    
Resistor, 470, 1/4W R470    
Resistor, 7x10K bussed resistor pack RPS7-10K


Resistor, 9x470 ohm bussed resistor pack RPS9-470


Socket, 14-pin DIP 14 PIN ST    
Socket, 16-pin DIP  


Socket, 18-pin DIP 18 PIN ST    
Socket, 20-pin DIP 20 PIN ST    
Socket, 28-pin DIP  


Socket, 40-pin DIP  


Socket, 40-pin ZIF, DIP, Aries 40-6554-10


Socket, 8-pin DIP 8 PIN ST    
Speaker, Hycom HY-05, PC mount    106500  
Switch, 6mm push button momentary  


Switch, 8 position DIP switch 8 position


Transistor, 2N3906 2N3906    
All Electronics 800-826-5432
Digi-Key 800-344-4539
Crystalfontz 509-892-1200
Jameco 800-831-4242
JDR 800-538-5000
Wyle 800-933-9953