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ME Labs Number Converter

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ME Labs is your source for development tools for the PICmicro® microcontroller.   We offer BASIC compilers, device programmers, boot loaders, proto boards, experimenter boards, books, displays, and coprocessors.  Order online or by phone.

  32,768 16,384 8,192 4,096   2,048 1,024 512 256   128 64 32 16   8 4 2 1
   215   214   213   212     211   210   2   2     2   2   2   2     2   2   2   2 

Hex: x 16(4096) x 16(256) x 16(16) x 16(1)



How to use this converter:

For more information on number systems, see the articles section of our site.

Binary: Check the boxes to enter the binary value. Checking or unchecking any box will automatically update all fields.

Decimal:  Enter the decimal number in the Decimal box and then click Update to see the results.

Hexadecimal:  Enter the hexadecimal number in the Hexadecimal boxes and then click Update to see the results.

This page uses JavaScript to perform the conversions. This means that this page can be saved on your computer and used whenever you wish, with no internet connection required. To save the page, click File >> Save in your browser's menu.