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PICBASIC™ and PICmicro® MCU Information

  • The PIC® (Microcontroller) Workshop - Training available for PICMicros and PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler. RCG Research.
  • Reynolds Electronics -- PICBASIC & PIC® Projects -- FREE PicMate PICBASIC File Editors -- RF & IR Remote Controls -- PICBASIC/PICBASIC PRO Compilers -- PIC Programmers.
  • -- a comprehensive source dedicated to connecting you to the resources for the Microchip Technology 8-bit PIC®micro MCU and dsPIC® microcontrollers. There are an abundance of software development tools that include compilers, debuggers/emulators, programmers, development boards, as well as sample projects, books and distributors all dedicated to the PIC® MCU. We encourage visitors to use the forum for discussion and rating option for products to keep the information current and relevant to PIC® users.
  • The Official PICList Home Page
  • TechTools - Development Tools for the PICmicro MCU.
  • Microchip Technology Inc. 
  • Command-line control of PicStart Plus in Linux
  • mikroElektronika - European magazine for applied electronics, automation & programming
  • Luis Frino Electrónica - DESARROLLOS CON MICROCONTROLADORES PIC - Diseño de programas a medida - Automatización de equipos - Riego  Frio Calor Control X10 Home - Sistemas De Temporización para Máquinas - Sistemas de Alarmas especiales - Lavarropas Automaticos - Diseño de Instrumental de medición para - Motores de Competición - Bancos de Pruebas Portatiles para competición
  • CCS offers the most optimized Microchip PICmicro® C compilers for Windows and Linux at a very reasonable price.
  • Modular PIC Development Systems - SpectroBUS, SpectroLCD, SpectroKEY, SpectroCOM, SpectroICSPA
Imagen activa Conexión Electrónica, Basic para Microcontroladores PIC - Aprende a programar microcontroladores PIC con el Libro "Basic para Microcontroladores PIC" en versión Digital (eBook) para descargar de inmediato. 372 paginas de curso con 42 proyectos prácticos, explicados y analizados detalladamente para una mejor comprensión en el desarrollo de proyectos electrónicos.
Embedded Systems: Desktop Integration explores designing embedded systems and monitoring and controlling them from desktop systems. Through the step-by-step development of an embedded thermostat, readers learn how to implement three different hardware interfaces: RS-232, USB, and Ethernet.

Projects and code examples

PC Software

Design Services and Consultants

The following linked service providers are not under the control of ME Labs and microEngineering Labs assumes no responsibility for any hardship that arises from an arrangement with any third party. ME Labs does not endorse third-party service providers. If you decide to hire a third-party design consultant, you do this entirely at your own risk.

  • Zebryk Engineering - A multidiscipline engineering firm specializing in the development of sophisticated hardware and software for industrial, commercial and scientific applications. Having significant expertise in physics, metrology, data acquisition and signal processing, ZE utilizes Visual Basic and PIC microcontrollers to design products and systems. From process control to hand-held instruments, the firm has long experience with RF data communications technology as well.
  • Kocher Microcontroller Technologies, Inc. - "At KMT, we design and prototype circuitry and electronic devices, primarily using PIC microcontrollers. Most of the projects that we work on are relatively small scale, self contained devices. Some typical projects we have worked on range from small LED sensory circuits to LCD menu driven applications. When designing any device, we try our best to work with the customer and return a prototype that meets all of their expectations. KMT excels at meeting deadlines and completing projects in a timely fashion, in far less time that most other engineering companies. The cost of most projects is very reasonable, because we are a small business and do not have the burden of large overhead costs associated with more established engineering firms."
  • Mister E - Cost effective solution for Electronic design, modification and software development. French service is also available.

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