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PBP examples written for the PIC16F1934 and LAB-X1 Experimenter Board

The 16F1934 uses Microchip's enhanced 14-bit instruction set. Parts in this family are popular because they run fast on internal oscillators and they're inexpensive.

adcin10_1934X.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display result of 10-bit A/D conversion on LCD. Connect analog input to channel-0 (RA0).
adcin1934x.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display result of 8-bit A/D conversion on LCD. Connect analog inputs to channels 0, 1, 3 (RA0, 1, 3).
blink1934x.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to cycle bargraph LEDs on PORTD in different patterns, with speed control & oscillator switching from external to internal. Uses POT1 on RA0 to set cycle speed, and keypad button #13 to alternate between LED patterns & oscillator selection.
bpx1934x.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to simulate an LCD Serial Backpack. Serial data received on the USART is displayed on the LAB-X1 LCD.
CntDwn_1934X.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to demonstrate using Timer1 assembly interrupts for dual countdown timers in the background. Interrupt periods are approximately 100mS intervals with a 4MHz oscillator. Controlled with SW13-SW16.
key1934x.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display keypad button numbers on LAB-X1 LCD.
soundfx.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for SOUND experiments with the LAB-X1 and PIC16F193x series. Adjust POTs 1/3 to adjust sound note/duration.
t1g_1934x.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to demonstrate using Timer1 gate in single-pulse mode to capture single pulse event times.
T246_1934X.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to demonstrate using Timer2 for a 24 hour format clock. Time is shown on the LCD as Time = 11:14 with hours : minutes.