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PBP examples written for PIC16F877A and LAB-XT (discontinued)

The LAB-XT was an experimenter board designed for telephony projects using old-fashioned 48V POTS lines. The board has been discontinued, but these examples hold some clues. LAB-XT Schematic and data

blinkxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to blink an LED connected to PORTC.1 about once a second.
callidxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display Caller ID information on LCD. Connect either jack on the LAB-XT to a telephone line. Caller ID service must be provided by your local phone company. This code only reads Multiple Data Message Format. LED4 lights when ring is present.
grabrxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for simple DTMF digit-grabber that monitors for DTMF on a telephone line and displays any digits received. Tracks display position and wraps to first position on new line. Press RESET to clear display.
hserxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to send and receive from the hardware serial port.
keyxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display key label on LCD.
phone1xt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for simple telephone. Press keys for on-hook, off-hook, and to dial. Incoming call sounds ringer and flashes LED. Watches for loop-current wink when off-hook.
phone2xt.pbpPICBASIC PRO program the same as phone1xt.pbp, but with Caller ID display.
pulsext.pbpPICBASIC PRO sample program for dialing with pulses instead of DTMF. Works as a telephone, but doesnt detect incoming calls. See phone1xt.pbp for ring detect and ringer code.
remotext.pbpPICBASIC PRO sample to demonstrate remote control using DTMF over a phone line. The LAB-XT will answer an incoming call on the third ring and sound a short tone to the caller. The caller can then control 2 leds by pressing keys on his telephone.
sitxt.pbpPICBASIC PRO sample Telemarketing stopper. Reads caller id and plays Special Information Tones (SIT) when CID information has been blocked.
voicext.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to record and play multiple voice messages. Uses hardware SPI for 2-way communication to the voice device. Record messages in sequence by pressing the A key, speaking into a headset mic, then pressing the B key to stop recording. The first message may be played back by pressing 0, the second by pressing 1, etc.