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Technical Support

PBP3 is not compatible with MPLABX versions beyone 5.35.
You can download 5.35 from the Microchip archive.

Support by product:     Other support categories:
melabs USB/U2 Programmers  
melabs Field Programmer Frequently Asked Questions
EPIC™ Programmer Downloads and Patches
melabs Serial Programmer Developer's Resources
Programming Adapters Sample Programs
PICBASIC™ Compiler  
CodeDesigner Lite  
LAB-X1 Experimenter Board PICBASIC Community:
LAB-X2 Experimenter Board PICBASIC Forum
LAB-X3 Experimenter Board
LAB-X4 Experimenter Board  
LAB-X18 Experimenter Board  
LAB-X20 Experimenter Board  
LAB-XT Experimenter Board  
LAB-XUSB Experimenter Board  
melabs Loader  
Having problems?  Here's where to look for support information:

1.  Check the Document Index for all online information related to your product.

2.  Consult the README file included with your product.  This file contains special instructions for many situations that are not covered in the manuals and help files.  Please read carefully and completely.  Most of the questions we receive are already answered in the ReadMe files.

3.  Look in our Frequently Asked Questions.  Chances are you're not the first to encounter the problem.

4.  Search the Support Forum.

5.  If you need programming hints, look for a sample program.

6.  If you still can't find the information, contact us directly.

Contacting Technical Support:

You can contact technical support by the following methods.

Please don't FAX your support request.

Email support:

This is the method we prefer, especially for programming issues.  When emailing support, include all the information that you can.  Always include the version number of any software you are using.

If you want us to look at your source code, attach it to the email as a text file.  Please don't put it in the body of your message.  Email software tends to wrap text using hard carriage returns, making it very difficult to read and compile your code.  Make sure to attach all source files that you have included in your code.

Our turn-around time for email support is usually less than one day.  Weekends and holidays will delay responses.  We answer all legitimate support requests.  If you don't receive a response in a timely fashion, try again.  Email has become increasingly unreliable due to the high volume of spam and the filters that are in place to stop it.  Please make sure that your return email address is valid and that you have whitelisted our support address.

Telephone support:  719-520-5323   (leave a message and someone will get back to you)