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Compiler Quick Start Guide for Windows Users

Windows users who wish to perform the standard installation should follow this procedure. For DOS installations or custom installations, follow the instructions found in the manual or the readme file on the product CD

Compiler and MicroCode Studio Installation

Insert the Compiler CD into the CDROM drive on your computer.  The installation program should start automatically.  If it doesn't, click Start > Run > Browse, navigate to the CD and run the setup program (setup.exe).

Answer the prompts or click Next to accept the default values.  The compiler will install first, then you will be asked if you want to install MicroCode Studio and/or MPLAB.  

It is recommended that you use MicroCode studio to edit your programs.  Select it with the checkbox to start its install program after you finish with the compiler installation.

MPLAB is an optional development environment from Microchip.  It includes the MPASMWIN assembler, which is required if you wish to use PICBASIC PRO for the PIC18 series microcontroller.  (MicroCode Studio will find MPASMWIN automatically if MPLAB is installed.)  It is not recommended that you use MPLAB with the standard PICBASIC Compiler.