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Using PICBASIC PRO™ Compiler as a language tool within Microchip's MPLAB® development environment.

This page is for PBP 2.60 (A, B, or C), installed with MPLAB 8.20 and later.

Procedure for earlier versions of PBP/MPLAB

For PBP3, run the MPASM-MPLAB Setup Utility from your start menu.  The downloads and procedures below should not be used with PBP3.

Setup utility for PBP 2.60 (A,B, or C) with MPLAB 8.20 and later.

(This utility may be all you need.  Both PBP and MPLAB should be installed before running this. 
Close MPLAB before installing.)

Manual method if the above utility doesn't work:

Selecting PICBASIC PRO as the language tool within MPLAB®

Start MPLAB and select Set Language Tool Locations under the Project menu.  Find the "microEngineering PICBASIC PRO Toolsuite" and expand the levels until you can highlight the entry under "Executables" as shown.

Use the Browse button to locate and select the file PBPMPLAB.BAT, found in the PBP install folder (default location is shown).  Note that the browse dialog will only show .EXE files by default.  Change the "Files of type" setting to "All Files" in order to select the .BAT file.

  If the PICBASIC PRO Toolsuite does not appear in MPLAB, close MPLAB and download and install the MPLAB Plugin.

If you get an error when attempting to install the MPLAB plugin, try downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.  Attempt the MPLAB Plugin install again after the Microsoft package is installed.

Creating a PICBASIC PRO project within MPLAB

Run the Project Wizard to create a project in MPLAB:


Welcome: Click Next to proceed:

Step One: Select the desired target device, click Next:

Step Two: Select the PICBASIC PRO Toolsuite, click Next:

Step Three: Click the Browse button under Create New Project File, locate folder
where the project will be located, type in a file name for the project, click Save:

Still on Step Three:  Make sure the path and name are correct for the project, click Next:

Step Four:  Pick one (only one) .BAS or .PBP file that represents the main program
file for your project, click the Add button so it shows up on the right, then click Next:

Finish:  Click Finish on the summary screen. (not shown)

Your project has been created.  See the MPLAB help for details on how to set build options, compile, and debug.  You should not add any more files to the project.  Device header files are not required for a PBP project.  If including additional source files, you should use PBP's INCLUDE directive in the main program file.