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Software for all ME Labs Programmers.

Current Version (4.67 - 2021/8/30) 

Download current version

This supports all current and past programmers from ME Labs, including products with on-board programming capability like D-Sticks and Trainer Boards.  If you're not sure which software to download, this is the one you need.

Beta Version (none available at this time)

Download meProg Beta (moved to current)

This version is being tested.  Use this if you need preliminary support for new devices. The beta version displays a splash window on startup.  It does not support the advanced command-line switches of the paid upgrade.


Previous versions of programmer software:

The following downloads are offered for specific situations where they are required.  The current version above is recommended for all programmers.  You should only use the software below to solve a hardware incompatibility on an older computer.

Version 3.31 beta for EPIC and melabs Serial Programmer Software

Supports melabs Serial Programmer only.  The current version above is recommended, as it supports more PICmicro MCUs.

Download melabs Serial Programmer Software version 3.31 (EXE file,  736K)

This installation includes an update for your programmer's firmware (firmware version 3.5).  After installation, run the software and select Options > More Options > Update Serial Programmer Firmware.

EPICWIN 2.46 Beta Version:

Supports EPIC Programmer only. The current version above is recommended, as it supports more PICmicro MCUs.

Download the EPICWin 2.46 beta software (ZIP file, 487K).