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Revision and Upgrade Information

  • PBP Upgrades (requires ownership of PBP or PBC)
  • See the downloads page for downloadable patches and include files.
  • See the version history for information about changes and additions in specific revisions.

Upgrade Policy

ME Labs, Inc. offers low cost software upgrades to the latest revision at any time.  If you purchased software from one of our distributors, we recommend that you contact the same distributor to purchase the upgrade.   

Qualification for upgrades:

You are entitled to purchase an upgrade if you purchased the original software from ME Labs or one of our authorized distributors.

Our software licenses are not transferable.  This means that if you purchase a used copy of our software from an individual, you are not entitled to an upgrade.  If you purchase our software on EBAY or a similar auction site, make sure the seller is an authorized distributor of our products.  You may check our distributor list to verify a seller.

When you order an upgrade, we will search our database for a record of the original purchase.  If a record cannot be found, this usually means that you purchased from a distributor.  You will be asked to provide a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase.

Purchasing Upgrades:

Online ordering for upgrades is now available.  Owners of PBP and PBC can obtain upgrades via download.

Version History

melabs Loader (no longer available)

Latest Release: 2.10

  • Adds support for PIC16F818, 819, 873A, 874A, 876A, 877A, 18F1220, 1320, 2220, 2320, 4220 and 4320.
  • Remembers Erase Before Programming option.

Previous Release: 2.00

  • Adds support for PIC18F242, 248, 252, 258, 442, 448, 452, 458, 6620 and 8620.
  • Adds 115,200 baud rate selection for target devices clocked at 20MHz or faster.
  • Adds Erase function for 16-bit core parts.
  • Adds Erase Before Programming option.
  • Adds support for PC serial ports COM5 and COM6.
  • Adds support for separate loader enable pin.
  • Optimized for faster programming.
  • Adds device information screen.

Previous Release: 1.00


PICBASIC™ Compiler

Latest Release: 1.45

  • Adds support for PIC16C557, PIC16F627A, 628A, 630, 648A, 676, 818, 819, 87 and 88.
  • DOWNLOAD PATCH - Adds support for PIC12F609, 615, 635, 683, PIC12HV609, 615, PIC16F610, 616, 631, 636, 639, 677, 684, 685, 687, 688, 689, 690, 716, 737, 747, 767, 777, 785, 882, 883, 884, 886, 887, 913, 914, 916, 917, 946, PIC16HV610, 616 and 785.

Previous Release: 1.44

  • Adds support for PIC12F629, 675, PIC16C432, 433, 781, 782, 925, 926, PIC16F72, 73, 74, 76, 77, 873A, 874A, 876A and 877A.
  • Changed assembler to PM version 4.

Previous Release: 1.43

  • Adds support for PIC16C717, 770, 771, PIC16F870, 871, 872 and PicStic1-4 2k.
  • Changed default processor from PIC16C84 to PIC16F84.
  • PWM output made more linear.
  • Read and Write now works properly for PIC16F62x.

Previous Release: 1.42

  • Adds support for PIC16C712, 716, PIC16F627 and 628.
  • Fixed Read and Write for PIC16F87x.

Previous Release: 1.41

  • Adds support for PIC16F873, 874, 876 and 877.

Previous Release: 1.40a

  • Changes header names to Microchip naming for MPLAB compatibility.
  • 12C67x header contained inaccurate configuration data.

Previous Release: 1.40

  • SLEEP didn't set RAM bank properly for PICmicros with multiple banks.
  • Added optional uncalibrated SLEEP.
  • SEROUT ON modes changed to open drain to match BS1.
  • I2C pins can now be specified in PICBASIC source file.
  • Adjusted to work with later versions of assembler (assembler now shows words used after each successful compilation).

Previous Release: 1.32

  • -c command line option wouldn't assemble.
  • SERIN required qualifier after last fix.

Previous Release: 1.31

  • Allows letters as well as numbers in the processor name for the -p command line option.
  • Allows SERIN to have a qualifier with no variable following it.
  • Fixes PicStic clock and ADC routines so that they don't change pin 4 on PortA to an input.

Previous Release: 1.30

  • Adds I2CIN and I2COUT instructions for accessing external serial EEPROMs and other I2C devices.
  • Adds new variables from B0 - B79 and W0 - W39 for use with larger PICmicros with more RAM registers.
  • Adds PicStic 4+ Pass call.
  • Fixes ENDASM so it doesn't have to be on a line by itself.

Previous Release: 1.20

  • Adds PEEK and POKE instructions for accessing all PICmicro® registers including PortA and A/D converters from BASIC.
  • The maximum serial baud rate has been increased to 9600 baud.

Previous Release: 1.11

  • Adds in-line assembly capability and CALL instruction to assembler subroutines.