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PBP examples written for PIC16F648A running on the LAB-X3

The 16F648A is a mature device in an 18-pin package.

BLINKX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to blink an LED connected to PORTB.4 about once a second.
BPX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to simulate an LCD Backpack.
BUTX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to show button press on LED.
CLOCKX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for an LCD clock using On Interrupt. Uses TMR0 and prescaler. Watchdog Timer should be set to off at program time and Nap and Sleep should not be used. Buttons may be used to set time.
COUNTX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to show binary count on 2 LEDS.
HELLOX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to send 'Hello World' on serial port.
HSERX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to send and receive from the hardware serial port. LEDs count characters and flash error if none received for 10 seconds.
LCDX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display 'Hello World' on LCD.
POTX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to read a pot and display on LCD.
SERVOX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to move an RC servo using buttons. Button 1 moves servo left, 2 moves servo right. Press both buttons to center servo.
TESTX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to test LAB-X3 board.
UPPERX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for upper case serial filter.
VUX3.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display pot on 2 segment bargraph. The last LED in the graph dims or brightens with changes in the pot.