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PBP examples written for PIC12F675 running on the LAB-X4

The 12F675 has been replaced by the 12F683. The 675 is a finicky chip that requires calibration to reliably use the internal oscillator.

ADCIN1X4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display result of 10-bit A/D conversion on Lab-X4 serial LCD.
ADCINX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display result of 8-bit A/D conversion on Lab-X4 serial LCD.
BLINKX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to blink an LED connected to GPIO.0 about once a second
BPX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for LAB-X4 serial LCD controller - PIC16F676.
BUTX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to show button press on LED.
CLOCKX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for LCD clock using On Interrupt. Uses TMR0 and prescaler. Watchdog Timer should be set to off at program time and Nap and Sleep should not be used. Button may be used to set time
HELLOX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to send 'Hello World' on serial port (and LCD)
I2CX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to read and write to I2C SEEPROMs Write to the first 16 locations of an external serial EEPROM, and then read first 16 locations back and send to LCD repeatedly. Note this example is for SEEPROMs with byte-sized address.
LCDX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to display 'Hello World' on LCD (and serial port)
RECOVER.pbpPICBASIC PRO program for recovering factory OSCCAL calibration values. Run this program in a 12F675 on the LAB-X4 Experimenter Board. It will display gibberish on the LCD until the calibration value is incremented to a value that lets the serial communication work. It will continue to display hex calibration values until incremented beyond the working range. Let it run, monitor the LCD for values followed by 'Correct?'. Pick one of the values that work - midway after it starts working and before it stops working.
TESTX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO test program for LAB-X4 (12F675)
UPPERX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO code example showing upper case serial filter.
VMETERX4.pbpPICBASIC PRO program to measure voltage (0-5VDC) and display on LCD with 2 decimal places. This program uses the */ operator to scale the ADC result from 0-1023 to 0-500. The */ performs a divide by 256 automatically, allowing math which would normally exceed the limit of a word variable. Connect analog input to channel-3 (RA4)